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Anne Ferran

Shadow Land


8 Feb-19 April 2014

With a career spanning 30 years, Anne Ferran is one of Australia’s most acclaimed photo-media artists. This is the largest survey of her work, and her first exhibition in Western Australia. It will feature new work made in response to the disbanded library at the Fremantle Prison. Ferran’s investigation of Australia’s colonial past is threaded through her practice. Poetics and anthropology are woven into enigmatic imagery that is haunted by the past and shadows the present. 


Anne Ferran
Detail: Scene II 1986
From Scenes on the Death of Nature
Gelatin silver photograph, 122 x 144cm
Image courtesy of the artist


8 Feb-19 April 2014
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

Sat 8 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 11 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 12 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 13 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 14 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 15 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 18 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 19 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 20 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 21 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 22 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 25 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 26 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 27 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 28 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 1 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 4 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 5 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 6 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 7 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 8 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 11 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 12 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 13 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 14 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 15 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 18 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 19 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 20 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 21 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 22 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 25 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 26 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 27 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 28 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 29 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 1 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 2 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 3 April, 11am-5pm
Fri 4 April, 11am-5pm
Sat 5 April, 11am-5pm
Tue 8 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 9 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 10 April, 11am-5pm
Fri 11 April, 11am-5pm
Sat 12 April, 11am-5pm
Tue 15 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 16 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 17 April, 11am-5pm
Fri 18 April, 11am-5pm
Sat 19 April, 11am-5pm


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