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Paramodelic - Graffiti


6 Feb-17 April 2014

With vivid imagination and meticulous design skills, Paramodel create wondrously immersive environments out of mass produced toys and brilliant blue plastic train tracks. Entire rooms become
fantastical landscapes. Since 2001 artists Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano have collaborated under the name of Paramodel and now in this Australian exclusive they incorporate elements locally sourced in Perth to create an extraordinary diorama especially for the Festival at the John Curtin Gallery.

Paramodel joint factory workshop

Make your own paramodelic-graffiti 

Collaborate with Japanese arts duo Paramodel to create a new paramodelic-graffiti artwork.

With vivid imagination and meticulous design skills, Paramodel create wondrously immersive environments out of mass produced toys and brilliant blue plastic train tracks.

Working in a team, create your own fantastical design using vibrant blue track in the Paramodel joint factory. Your artwork will be documented and showcased in future international exhibitions.

Sessions are 1 hour long and run weekdays and weekends. 

Tickets are limited.
Fees apply.
Ensure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Suitable for all ages

book here

PARAMODELparamodelic – graffiti, 2012
Tokyo Station Gallery [Tokyo]
© paramodel/photo: paramodel


6 Feb-17 April 2014
John Curtin Gallery

Thur 6 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 7 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 8 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Sun 9 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Mon 10 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 11 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 12 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 13 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 14 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 15 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Sun 16 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Mon 17 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 18 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 19 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 20 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 21 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 22 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Sun 23 Feb, 1pm-5pm
Mon 24 Feb, 11am-5pm
Tue 25 Feb, 11am-5pm
Wed 26 Feb, 11am-5pm
Thur 27 Feb, 11am-5pm
Fri 28 Feb, 11am-5pm
Sat 1 March, 1pm-5pm
Sun 2 March, 1pm-5pm
Mon 3 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 4 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 5 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 6 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 7 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 8 March, 1pm-5pm
Sun 9 March, 1pm-5pm
Mon 10 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 11 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 12 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 13 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 14 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 15 March, 1pm-5pm
Sun 16 March, 1pm-5pm
Mon 17 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 18 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 19 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 20 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 21 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 22 March, 1pm-5pm
Sun 23 March, 1pm-5pm
Mon 24 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 25 March, 11am-5pm
Wed 26 March, 11am-5pm
Thur 27 March, 11am-5pm
Fri 28 March, 11am-5pm
Sat 29 March, 1pm-5pm
Sun 30 March, 1pm-5pm
Mon 31 March, 11am-5pm
Tue 1 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 2 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 3 April, 11am-5pm
Fri 4 April, 11am-5pm
Sat 5 April, 1pm-5pm
Sun 6 April, 1pm-5pm
Mon 7 April, 11am-5pm
Tue 8 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 9 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 10 April, 11am-5pm
Fri 11 April, 11am-5pm
Sat 12 April, 1pm-5pm
Sun 13 April, 1pm-5pm
Mon 14 April, 11am-5pm
Tue 15 April, 11am-5pm
Wed 16 April, 11am-5pm
Thur 17 April, 11am-5pm


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