Visual Arts

Do Ho Suh


South Korea

7 Feb-1 March 2014


A must-see for anyone curious about the very best art being made today. SEATTLE TIMES

A vast net enmeshed with tiny human figures washing against the shoreline is emblematic of Do Ho Suh’s distinguished art that often references architecture and humanity. Inspired by memories and his personal experience of physical and cultural displacement, his poetic sculptures invite imaginative associations.

This delicate yet powerful web encourages contemplation of the identity of the individual in today’s global society. Net-Work might suggest the power of the collective over the individual, yet it can equally conjure thoughts of migration, refugees and the traversing and trawling of seas.

Do Ho Suh is a highly acclaimed South Korean artist who resides between Seoul, New York and London. His work has been widely collected and shown throughout the world and comes to Perth for the first time.


Do Ho Suh
Net-Work, 2010
gold and chrome plating
with polyurethane coating
on ABS plastic,
nylon fishing net
dimensions variable
© Do Ho Suh


7 Feb-1 March 2014
Sir James Mitchell Park Foreshore

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