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Richard Bell



13 Feb-27 April 2014

For over 20 years Richard Bell has been an artist and active provocateur who has challenged the state of art and politics in Australia. Embassy is Bell’s first solo exhibition in Western Australia and will feature a recreation of the original Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the protest camp set up in 1972 under
a beach umbrella on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra. This significant solo exhibition presented by PICA and Perth Festival will also bring together a previously unseen selection of Bell’s highly acclaimed paintings and a controversial trilogy of recent videos.

Richard Bell A white hero for black Australia, 2011 Acrylic on linen 180 x 250cm.
Image courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane


13 Feb-27 April 2014

Thur 13 Feb, 10am-7pm
Fri 14 Feb, 10am-7pm
Sat 15 Feb, 10am-5pm
Sun 16 Feb, 10am-7pm
Tue 18 Feb, 10am-7pm
Wed 19 Feb, 10am-5pm
Thur 20 Feb, 10am-7pm
Fri 21 Feb, 10am-7pm
Sat 22 Feb, 10am-5pm
Sun 23 Feb, 10am-7pm
Tue 25 Feb, 10am-7pm
Wed 26 Feb, 10am-5pm
Thur 27 Feb, 10am-7pm
Fri 28 Feb, 10am-7pm
Sat 1 March, 10am-5pm
Sun 2 March, 10am-5pm
Tue 4 March, 10am-5pm
Wed 5 March, 10am-5pm
Thur 6 March, 10am-5pm
Fri 7 March, 10am-5pm
Sat 8 March, 10am-5pm
Sun 9 March, 10am-5pm
Tue 11 March, 10am-5pm
Wed 12 March, 10am-5pm
Thur 13 March, 10am-5pm
Fri 14 March, 10am-5pm
Sat 15 March, 10am-5pm
Sun 16 March, 10am-5pm
Tue 18 March, 10am-5pm
Wed 19 March, 10am-5pm
Thur 20 March, 10am-5pm
Fri 21 March, 10am-5pm
Sat 22 March, 10am-5pm
Sun 23 March, 10am-5pm
Tue 25 March, 10am-5pm
Wed 26 March, 10am-5pm
Thur 27 March, 10am-5pm
Fri 28 March, 10am-5pm
Sat 29 March, 10am-5pm
Sun 30 March, 10am-5pm
Tue 1 April, 10am-5pm
Wed 2 April, 10am-5pm
Thur 3 April, 10am-5pm
Fri 4 April, 10am-5pm
Sat 5 April, 10am-5pm
Sun 6 April, 10am-5pm
Tue 8 April, 10am-5pm
Wed 9 April, 10am-5pm
Thur 10 April, 10am-5pm
Fri 11 April, 10am-5pm
Sat 12 April, 10am-5pm
Sun 13 April, 10am-5pm
Tue 15 April, 10am-5pm
Wed 16 April, 10am-5pm
Thur 17 April, 10am-5pm
Fri 18 April, 10am-5pm
Sat 19 April, 10am-5pm
Sun 20 April, 10am-5pm
Tue 22 April, 10am-5pm
Wed 23 April, 10am-5pm
Thur 24 April, 10am-5pm
Fri 25 April, 10am-5pm
Sat 26 April, 10am-5pm
Sun 27 April, 10am-5pm


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