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The House Where Winter Lives


14-23 Feb 2014

Australian Exclusive/Premiere


In the past 5 years, no company has done more to expand the idea of what theatre can do than the engrossing, meticulous, shrewdly secretive and constantly changing Punchdrunk. THE OBSERVER (UK)

Combining the traditional values of children’s storytelling with interactive adventure and a healthy dash of festive whimsy, The House Where Winter Lives is as close as you’ll ever get to good old-fashioned magic.

While it may be 40 degrees outside, it’s chilly in the forest. Step inside the Winter’s cottage and get cosy. Roll gingerbread biscuit dough in the warmth of the kitchen, then push through fresh branches and across flurries of snow in a magical search that brings the outdoors indoors, and ignites your imagination.

Immersive theatre makers with a worldwide cult following, Punchdrunk and their Enrichment team have rewritten the theatre rulebook. Surprise and revelation are hallmarks of this production. Reminding us that play lies at the heart of all theatre, this is inspirational storytelling for children and their families.

Show duration: 60min no interval
Latecomers will not be admitted
Recommended for children aged 3–6yrs and their families

The production has been made to be appropriate for this specific age range and the success of the production relies largely on having this specific age range making up a critical mass of the audience. The immersive and interactive nature of the piece necessitates that the characters interact with the audience, the nature of the questions that are asked and the problem solving and decision making required is aimed at the intellect of this age group. Experience of both younger and older child audiences seeing the production have only reinforced that it works specifically for this age group and that the piece is not as successful otherwise.

Originally commissioned by Discover Children’s Story Centre.

Image: Stephen Dobbie



14-23 Feb 2014
Downstairs at His Majesty's Theatre

Fri 14 Feb, 10am
Fri 14 Feb, 11:30am
Fri 14 Feb, 1pm
Sat 15 Feb, 10am
Sat 15 Feb, 11:30am
Sat 15 Feb, 1:30pm
Sat 15 Feb, 3pm
Sat 15 Feb, 4:30pm
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Sun 16 Feb, 3pm
Sun 16 Feb, 4:30pm
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Sun 23 Feb, 10am
Sun 23 Feb, 11:30am
Sun 23 Feb, 1:30pm
Sun 23 Feb, 3pm
Sun 23 Feb, 4:30pm


Adult $35
Friends $32
Child $20

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