Perth Writers Festival News

Writers Central

Writers Central is the place to relax before and after Festival events. Enjoy a cool drink, coffee, glass of wine or a tasty bite to eat from one of our food outlets.

Dymocks Booksellers are the official bookseller for the Festival. Titles from
participating authors are available for purchase at the Festival bookshop located in the Undercroft, adjacent to Writers Central. Authors will sign books at the bookshop immediately after events.

The University Club Café is also open for a range of drinks and hot foods, takeaway sandwiches, salads and light snacks.
Fri 21 Feb, 7.30am–9.30pm
Sat 22 Feb, 7.30am–6.30pm
Sun 23 Feb, 9am–7pm

A Note from the Program Manager, Emily Mann

Stories endure with us. From our birth until our death, we are instructed, amused, enthralled, shocked and shaken by the stories we are told and the stories we choose to share with others.

This year, Perth Writers Festival welcomes novelists, illustrators, politicians, actors, soldiers, judges, gamers, poets, critics, adventurers, doctors, activists, journalists, filmmakers, comedians and publishers to our stages and asks them to share their stories with us.

We pay homage to the vintage objects of print culture such as books, maps and letters, and embrace the new storytelling media of digital graphic novels and video games.

We share in the art and purpose of translation, and learn how ancient and modern Aboriginal stories are being created and preserved for future generations.

We look at the presence of absence in art and literature, and hear how writers have sought to create new narratives from the slightest fact or notion, breathing new life into history.

We hear from the explorers, those who have met the world head on and survived to tell the tale.

Now we hand over to you to choose your own adventure from the sessions on offer. Whether your passion is reading or writing, fiction or debate, I hope you enjoy the ideas, issues, adventures and games that await you.

A Note from the Artistic Director, Jonathan Holloway

Welcome to this year's Perth Writers Festival.

Most people know the significance of Farenheit 451, and yet no one can tell me the temperature at which an eReader burns. Until this becomes common knowledge, and until I can scribble a phone number in a digital fly leaf, I genuinely believe that the printed book is still safe. 

The ways in which we read, the devices which carry narratives and the types of art for which narrative is necessary increase by the week, or so it seems. 

My colleagues and I just worked out that even this introduction will be read by people using six completely different platforms, including the one you are using right now. 

As a Festival we are passionate defenders of the reader's right to choose. 

Personally, when tackling a great book, my seven ages of story are: the glance in a crowd; the weight; the sound and feel of the spine cracking; the excitement of starting; the unknown journey; the bittersweetness of ending; and finally the parchment smell 20 years later when you see it in a crowd once more. 

But that's just me. Whatever your choices and tastes we welcome you and hope that you find a weekend of ideas to thoroughly stimulate all your senses. 

However you read, whatever you read, whomsoever you read, this Festival is for you.