Perth Writers Festival

Lionel Shriver: On Literature and Religion


Thur 20 Feb 2014

Although her novels confront the moral issues of our times, Lionel Shriver has long avoided religion in her work. An atheist, Shriver confesses that to make her characters religious would, for her, make them 'unfathomable'. Her fictional characters do not adhere to any faith. 

Literature and religion share a common purpose in what they address and the purpose they serve humanity: to sustain us with stories. In a candid reflection based on her personal experiences, Shriver examines the intersection of literature and religion in this thought-provoking opening address.


Image: Suki Dhanda


Thur 20 Feb 2014
Octagon Theatre, UWA

Thur 20 Feb, 7pm


Opening Address $39.50
Friends $34.50
FT Student (U30) $25
Opening Address and Party $88
Friends Opening Address and Party $77

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