Campbell, Stu

Stu Campbell

Stu ‘Sutu’ Campbell is an award-winning illustrator, writer and interactive designer. He is the creator of Nawlz, the 24-episode interactive cyberpunk adventure series created for web and iPad. Through his work with Big hART on the Yijala Yala Project with Indigenous schoolchildren and in collaboration with Tyson Mowarin of Weeriana Street Media, Stu has created new stories as well as adapted traditional Australian Aboriginal stories for iPad. Stu has created multimedia installations for the Australian National Museum, designed pilot-training programs for the Australian Defence Force, directed online creative projects for Honda and Coke, and is regularly commissioned to create pop-culture illustrations.

Session Venue Date Time
Paper and GlassRomeo Tent, Perth Writers Festival Precinct23 Feb 20142:30pm-3:30pm
Graphic DetailOctagon Theatre, UWA22 Feb 20144pm-5pm