Great Southern Festival

Welcome to Country


Fri 21 Feb 2014

Join dancers, actors and artists in a poignant and playful recreation of the ‘deadman dance’, a moment in Albany’s very early history when local Minang people marched with officers of Major Lockyer’s garrison. Here, we faithfully recreate a plan drawing of the original Albany settlement superimposed onto the lawn of Foundation Park.


Kaya Kaya Ngunj Chookinj Ngoongnies 
Ngunj Choorabinj Yorl Koorlinj Nyinniny
Kadajinny Wangkingij Ngullark Koort Poodjar
Moordich Weirn Mirning Moort
Kinjarling Poodjar Kalark Noonook

Yes Yes my Sisters and Brothers
I am happy that you have come to
sit, talk and listen on our heartland ...
The good spirits of our Mirning family, Albany, known as the ‘place of rain’, welcomes you and goes with you.

Welcome is kindly provided by local Noongar Elder, Aunty Averil Dean.
Translation assisted by local Noongar Elder, Eliza Woods. 

Image: David Derrin and Tracey Margetts




Fri 21 Feb 2014
Fri 21 Feb, 5:30pm


Free Event

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