2014 Perth Festival

In a world rich with festivals, in a country full of creativity and a city packed with potential we must never lose sight of the big questions: why this Festival … why here … why now?

Festivals are the world turned upside down, the mirror held up to our society; they are what allow us to be who we are for the rest of the year, in the knowledge that we will be elevated out of our day to day thinking for three weeks every glorious summer. No two Festivals should ever be the same, and so our challenge each year is to re-invent ourselves, to curate ideas afresh and allow us all to see our world in a new light.

It is in this spirit that I’m delighted to welcome you to this year’s Festival. It is the largest we’ve ever presented thanks to the unprecedented and overwhelming support of so many – our key funders and supporters, our sponsors, our benefactors and of course you, our audience.

It is also the most international in terms of the origin of our artists and the stories they are telling.

Most importantly, though, this Festival is more connected to Perth than ever. The international and interstate artists we have invited will help us experience our beautiful land with re-awakened senses, collaborating with massive numbers of artists from Western Australia.

Whilst the performances, artworks, films and writings have originated from so many points on the world map, what we will experience together in February will be a Festival in and of Perth.

And so we give you the 2014 Perth Festival.

Cherish it and enjoy it.

It’s yours.

Jonathan Holloway

Artistic Director 2012-15